beauty red sky ines walden

Grace & Light In Abundance

I listen ,

Who is this I ,

Who are you ,

What I hear makes me cry ,

I observe the one who cries ,

It is not me ,

The stillness is free ,

For a second she cried ,

Cause the old one died ,

And what is left ,

Is only light.

When there come tears into my eyes ,

I let them flow ,

They came out of my soul ,

Purify the essence ,

With every drop of water something will go ,

From the known and unknown illusion ,

This subtle confusion ,

Change into a clear bright ,

shining light.

I breath ,

I close my eyes ,

I realize ,

That I met you beyond this world ,

We do not touch with our hands ,

We do not smell, taste and embrace,

Feel our bodies or a tender face.

I am looking for words that hold me ,

That makes me feel grounded on this earth ,

That gives this experience a form ,

It isn´t possible ,

Cause this experience has no form.

Beloved one I prayed and pray for love,

For everlasting love ,

I got it through your light ,

That taught me how to swim ,

In this everlasting tide.

No words can describe ,

Your grace ,

Only silence ,

Is able to embrace ,

Every part of you ,

Every single space ,

That have been touched ,

By your breath ,

That breath that touches all and nothing ,

Life and death ,

Black and white ,

Cold and warm ,

Like a steady and still storm ,

The breath is the ocean itself.

The beloved ocean ,

That holds me since I am born ,

And whenever I am in front of this ocean ,

Whenever I feel myself within a seastorm ,

I feel home.

This longing to the depth guides me home.

It is a mystic affair ,

An unknown space ,

That is open ,

Cause of your infinite grace.


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