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At The Lakeside


It is a big joy for me just lying on this wooden bridge,
The silent water protects all happenings from the deep lake bed,
With closed eyes I am listening to the silent stories of the clouds passing by,

Sun is kissing me allover ,
very easy I attain thoughtlessness ,
the breath has the same rhytm like the silent water.
Am I dead or alive? I am.
Not less, not more, I am.

So close to nature, so within all this natural life,
my best feelings arrive.
Do I need you or me? Unity.
Not less , not more, Unity.

How close I am to you in this perfect beauty?
You are here with me, you are this beauty.
Give me peace, give me silence, give me healing.
In this place, here with you I start my conscious breathing.

Dreams come up on this place in paradise,
the little origin light in me grows , my breath is stopping,
Flashed I open my eyes.
It was you, who touched my heart,
for the first time I felt, we have never been apart.

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